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Omaha REIA, LLC was established in January of 2007 and has been holding regular monthly meetings in the greater Omaha metropolitan areas, including Lincoln and surrounding areas. We started out as a small group (of about eight people) meeting at the Olive Garden and have grown to a stable, reliable resource of education and networking for real estate investors. Our subscribers and attendees consist of full and part-time investors, beginning and experienced investors, attorneys, contractors, accountants, real estate agents, brokers, property managers, rehabbers, bankers, appraisers, and others - all related in some way to real estate. What all these groups of people have in common is the desire for opportunities and growth in real estate investing.

Omaha REIA members have been calling for a database of trusted contacts that can be used in all forms of Real Estate Investing. As leaders of the Omaha REIA for years, we have been giving leads for all types of services. Because of this, we have created the Omaha REIA Card. Not only does this provide a list of contacts for our members but will give them an incentive to use your services or products. We are excited about the collaboration of our networking events and these benefits to quickly grow our member base and your customer list. We ask that all sponsors offer a minimum of a 10% discount to our members through sponsorship.

The Omaha REIA Card will soon be the must-have membership card for ANYONE in the industry. As the Managing Director of Omaha REIA, an investor, and a Real Estate Team Leader, I am positive that this card will be the most popular closing gift to provide real estate clients.

As of August 26th, the Omaha REIA has become the only Nebraska Chapter of the National REIA Organization. We currently have over 450 members and over 6000  investors on our mailing list. When you sign with the REIA the Omaha Real Estate investor market will know. Our goal is 1000 members in the next 12 months and with your participation, this will happen. Big things are happening with the Omaha REIA and we are excited you are going to grow with us!